Appetizer Menu


Fried Avocados

Breaded pieces of avocado deep fried for a crunchy outside with creamy inside, served with poblano avocado ranch $8.95

Chicken Wings

Eight pieces of Apple-wood smoked bone-in wings or boneless, try it tossed in spicy wing sauce, or our homemade wing sauce & served with a side of fresh celery, carrots & poblano avocado ranch dip (try it dry,made available per request with no sauce) $10.95

Shrimp Cocktail:

Six jumbo shrimps served traditionally, chopped celery & cocktail sauce $9.85

Fried Raviolis:

Cheese stuffed & breaded raviolis deep fried, a sensational twist to your average mozzarella sticks served with poblano avocado ranch dip $7.95

Hummus Platter:

7 oz of fresh hummus, warm naan bread, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives $11.95

Garlic Cheesy bread:

Choice of a 14" or 7" dusted with homemade garlic butter & basil, topped lightly with shredded mozzarella baked to crispy perfection $9.95/ $5.95